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Dear Maniacs and Friends,

I know that probably below news will shock some of you, but I have to inform that Embrional band left: bass player Michal “Soulbleed” Poletek, guitarist Tomasz Ziarko and drummer Daniel Rutkowski. I would like to thank you guys for your support, time and effort which you put into Embrional band, and I wish you the best for the future! My individual reason for such decision was interpersonal misunderstandings and lack of common “aim” for future music. However, it is not means the end of Embrional band. New lineup of Embrional will be announced soon with some surprise !!!

Currentlty we are working hard and preparing for FOAD FEST in Cracow, where you must be there maniacs !!!

More info soon …

Regards , Marcin Skullripper

FOAD Concept

01.12 – Mord`a`Stigmata, Medico Peste, Ulcer, Deivos, Cien, Spatial
02.12 – Arkona, Pandemonium, Embrional, Hellspawn, Offence, Hate Them All

Link :

FOAD fest


WITCHFUCK the new project on Polish scene has signed papers with Old Temple for release debut MCD. “Disgusting Rock’n’Roll” vulgarly whip by four black / thrash metal tracks. Blasphemy and lust linked with liters of alcohol and pubs stench screamed in raw and obscure uncompromising metal.

Witchfuck zdj. 1

First gigs in Czech Republic !!!
Together with Ars Veneficium ( Belgium ) and supports on 17-18 November we will visit Prague and Pilsen !!! – Prague – Pilsen

Whalesong – Polish industrial metal band from Silesia is currently working with friendly artists on remix / reconstruction album of their debut full length – “Disorder”, which was released on 29th July on Old Temple. Album will be released in the beginning of 2018, working title is “Disorder Deconstructed”. Debut album of Whalesong is 58 minutes of hypnotic songs full of low-tuned guitars and mechanical atmosphere. ‘Disorder’ is perfect music for fans of Godflesh, Swans, Neurosis, Scorn and Sunn O))).

DOOMSTER REICH is back with their second album called ‘Drug Magick’. Recorded at Radio Lodz concert studio, it pays homage to the raw sound of late 60s/early 70s. Their hybrid of doom metal, psychedelia & krautrock will take their listeners into hypnotic, drug-fueled trance of Devil worship. The album is a joint release of Old Temple, The End Of Time Records and Aesthetic Death. LP version to be released by Bloodrock Records.

DRUG MAGICK copy (1)

Nearly 3 years after their debut, CIEN announce the release of the next album called “FATE”. Featuring over 40 minutes of black metal, it will be a continuation of musical style present on “ECCE HOMO”. The new album will be released by Old Temple label and is due on November 1st.
More info to be revealed soon…