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Unfortunately, bad news about Pleń’s debut. For logistical and not dependent on me reasons, shipment will probably be delayed by a week and a half. I apologize for this situation.

Whalesong comes back with their third full length album entitled ‘Leaving a Dream‘. More than 120 minutes of bliss, hope, dreams and bright radiant light – the marvelous stream of consciousness, a sonic cinema for those who love to get lost in the sound. The new record expands the sound of the band that was born on their previous CD ‘Radiance of a Thousand Suns‘. The album will be out on 21st July 2023 by Zoharum together with Old Temple on 2CD and digital and in the Fall also as MC in cooperation with Three Moons Records. More info soon.

Exactly on September 9, 2023, OLD TEMPLE will celebrate its 20th anniversary. On this occasion, I present a special T-shirt designed by Maciej Kamuda. I’d like to thank all bands that entrusted me their materials, thanks that I released a lot of awesome stuff, everyone illustrators and graphic designers who have helped me for so many years, other people who helped me and continue to help in various ways.Special thanks to Ania for years of cooperation and patience in production. Separate thanks to all Underground Metal Fans who supported label thereby purchases and still do that. See you at concerts and remember… buy physical copies, not files !

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A new horde from Sosnowiec PLEŃ (Black Metal) joins the Old Temple. The five-member band completed work on their debut album in the winter. “Przechrzta” is a contempt of modern society, which is like a stupid vermin going nowhere. The album will be released on CD, limited CD, cassette, digital and men’s and women’s t-shirts will be available.

Official t-shirts for “Hex” album are finally available in men’s and women’s sizes!

Nunslaughter‘s next release “Hex” will be out in April. It will be released on a double CD. Second CD contains two rehearsal materials: “Unhallowed Thoughts” and “Nasty Novel Nugget“.