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Today June 15th two premieres at the Old Temple! New full album “III” from the Polish horde Hate Them All and the revival of MrobosidadProfana la cruz del nazareno“! We invite you to listen and go to the store for CDs, cassettes and t-shirts!
Bandcamp Old Temple [link]

Below is a Facebook post of Embrional about the death of Kamil, a former drummer and friend of the band. Old Temple due to the many years of cooperation with the band pass this sad news and offer my condolences to the family…

It is with great regret and sadness that we announce that our former drummer of Embrional – Kamil Bracichowicz passed away recently.
Kamil was a wonderful man, musician, co-composer of songs starting from the demo Cusp of Evil and ending with the album The Devil Inside… It is impossible to describe his enormous talent and contribution to the Embrional band. He was and will always remain an inspiration not only for the band, but certainly for many of you fans who listen to our work.
Kamil, know that you will remain forever in our memory as a Great Man, and the music you created will survive with us to the end. Goodbye friend and see you in another dimension…
With sincere condolences to the family:

It’s time to look into the darkness of the Old Temple and search the cellars. As a result, in the near future, old materials released cassettes from around the world will appear on the store. Give me some time to check the status of those tapes…

Hate’s coming back!
Six years after the last full-length album, the Silesian horde Hate Them All is back! The album will premiere on June 15 during the Black Silesia Festival!
III” will be available on gold CD, on gold CD – limit of 66 copies with patch and sticker and on cassette. A new t-shirt with an album theme will also be available for purchase.

We invite you to the upcoming concerts of PLEŃ. Check the dates, the locations, and how the “Przechrzta” is doing live. See you soon!

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