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Exactly on September 9, 2023, OLD TEMPLE will celebrate its 20th anniversary. On this occasion, I present a special T-shirt designed by Maciej Kamuda. I’d like to thank all bands that entrusted me their materials, thanks that I released a lot of awesome stuff, everyone illustrators and graphic designers who have helped me for so many years, other people who helped me and continue to help in various ways.Special thanks to Ania for years of cooperation and patience in production. Separate thanks to all Underground Metal Fans who supported label thereby purchases and still do that. See you at concerts and remember… buy physical copies, not files !

Nunslaughter, Kingom, Morbosidad, Pandemonium, Pleń, Doomster Reich, Arkona, Throneum, Pathogen, Hate Them All, Christ Agony, Harmony Of Struggle, Holy Death, Shambles, Cthulhuss, Whalesong, Nothing Has Changed, Impure Declaration, Nekus, Quo Vadis, Occultum, Hellspawn, Whipstriker, Ur, Magnanimvs, Slaughtbbath, Solium, Zos, Cień, Empheris, Death Invoker, Moloch Letalis, Dark Opera, Serpent Seed, Domain, Embrional, Witchfuck, Death’s Cold Wind, Freezing Blood, Sargatanas, Infidel, Black Ceremonial Kult, Genocide Beast, Deisidaemonia, Demonic Rage, Deathevoker, Deep Desolation, Kratherion, Bestiality, Ignis Fatuus, Paranoia Inducta, Inferis, Oldblood, Ebola, North, Goetia, Sad, Deception, Abusiveness, Verzivatar, Vociferous, Cinis, Convent, Arctic Frost, Sauron, Arathyr, Shining, Funeral Dirge, Soulless, Pandemic Genocide, Arminius, Bestiar, Vinterriket, Uruk-Hai, Nak’kiga, Flagellation, Faeces, Deneb, Pogrom 1147, Vedonist, Brainwashed, Obscure, Shining Of …, Putridity