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Antonio Albuquerque
P.O.Box: 14503
Rio de Janeiro – RJ
22410-971 BRAZIL

2x CHRIST AGONY „Darkside” – 2 CD
2x OCCULTUM „In Nomine Rex Inferni”
2x HATE THEM ALL „Defender Of The Black Throne”
2x MOLOCH LETALIS „Krwawy Sztorm” –
2x EMBRIONAL „Cusp Of Evil” second edition –
2x WITCHFUCK „Disgusting Rock’n’Roll”
6x CHRIST AGONY „Moonlight – Act III”
6x SARGATANAS „The Enlightenment”
1x MOLOCH LETALIS „Arkana Chaosu”
2x DEATH’S COLD WIND „Subyugador – In Goat We Trust”
2x HELLSPAWN „There Has Never Been A Son Of Me”
4x DEMONIC RAGE „Omen Of Doom”
4x SLAUGHTBBATH „Hail To Fire”
1x HATE THEM ALL „Last Feast With The Beast”
2x MOLOCH LETALIS „Zgliszcza”
1x PANDEMONIUM „Bones Will Rise From The Ground”
3x EMBRIONAL „The Devil Inside”
1x KRATHERION „Mantra Lucifer Flagelantes”
1x PANDEMONIUM „Devilri Extended Edition”
3x EMBRIONAL „Annihilation + Live”
2x PANDEMONIUM „The Ancient Catatonia”
One year without cds from him. Some time ago he wrote that he sends. I never got anything.

Diabolus Productions
Oscar Gutierrez
Lista de Correos
Iturbide Poniente #36
Santa Ana Chiautempan
C.P.90800, Tlaxcala, Mexico
e-mail :

10x CHRIST AGONY „Moonlight
10xSARGATANAS „The Enlightenment”
5xMOLOCH LETALIS „Krwawy Sztorm”
5xCien „Fate”
3xDOOMSTER REICH „Drug Magick”
3xWITCHFUCK „Disgusting Rock’n’Roll”
Two years without cds from him. He wrote two or three times that sent.

Guillermo Garces Ledaro

Diego Dávila Solano
Apartado Postal No: 70
Calle 16 # 7 – 22
Fono: 7732444
Ipiales – Narino – Colombia

15 x SLAUGHTBBATH “Hail To Fire” –
5 x EMBRIONAL – Absolutely antihuman –
5 x EMBRIONAL – Annihilation 2007 –
5 x Pathogen – Lust of Evil –
5 x HATE THEM ALL “Last Feast With The Beast”
6 x KRATHERION „Mantra Lucifer Flagelantes”

Faithless Productions – Marcin Pawlowski
ul. Nowodworska 25/97
85-120 Bydgoszcz
50 x CD

Torture Eternal
5 CD my releases. I never got their CDs.

Carolina Barrera B.
P.O. Box 52046
Correo Central  Santiago Chile
5 x NORTH „Thorns On The Black Rose” CD
8 x POGROM 1147 „Black Metal Complete” CD
8 x SOULLESS / PANDEMIC GENOCIDE / ARMINIUS „In Shadows Of The Damned We Reign” CD

God Is Dead Records

Jaroslaw Piotrowski
Powstancow 52/2
41-100 Siemianowice Slaskie
7 x DECEPTION „Nails Sticking Offensive”
6 x SHINING / FUNERAL DIRGE „The Sinister Alliance”
6 x NORTH „Thorns On The Black Rose”

Played in:

Now playing in:
– Tortured Corpse
– Infernal Legion
– Luciferian Ceremony

Labels and others:
– Silesian Hellbangers
– Terror Black Cult
– Rotten Crematory

Using multiple fake accounts on Facebook!

Forensick Music
Sk-01001 Zilina
30 x CD POGROM 1147 „Black Metal Complete”

Circe Of Tyrants Rex
Mehrvasj Nazemiye
Jakob Sandevei 14
6900 – FLORØ
10 x NORTH „Thorns On The Black Rose”

Apartado 138
2564-910 Torres Vedras
5 x POGROM 1147 „Black Metal Complete”