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OLD .57. EMBRIONAL „Absolutely Anti Human Behaviors”

Embrional strikes again! The first album contain eleven aggressive, violent and uncompromising songs that are deadly journey through hell. 40 minutes bestial tortures and total annihilation dressed in metal of Death. “Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors” is a sinister, diabolical atmosphere permeated through blood – forming tar sounds perfect illustration for a foul and dark nature of human.
For mixing and mastering of this destruction is responsible Arek “Malta” Malczewski. Dark graphic design prepared by Mariusz Krajewski, about  brutality of the written word took care Jendzicki Arek of Morbidious Pathology ‘zine. CD released in the standard jewel case. Fold-out booklet. All copies are hand numbered.

Release date: 2012-04-21
Format: CD
Edition: without limit