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OLD .127. HATE THEM ALL “Goat Tormentor”

Every rehearsal in total dark is a mystery of hatred. Horde once again follow the chosen path, throws “Goat Tormentor” in your face. MCD is seven Black Metal angry songs born in hell, not in privacy of recording studio. No cuts, no pasting, no digital corrections. Spitting in the face of trends, leaking alcohol, vulgar, aggressive, pure fucking metal. A sincere message with blasphemous graphic design by Somluck Sapenthong. Guest vocals in two songs: Hellscreamaross (Offence, Witchfuck) and Beer Drinker (Brudny Skurwiel). Album released in a standard case on a gold CD. All copies are hand numbered.

Release date: 05.04.2019
Format: gold MCD
Edition: without limit