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OLD .4. OBSCURE / PANDEMIC GENOCIDE “Satanic Rebelmageddon”

A split release of two Polish death metal bands .Obscure (Anti-Christian death metal) and Pandemic Genocide (Satanic death). “Satanic Rebelmageddon” contains demo materials of both bands.Obscure presents old sounding death in Swedish style. Pandemic Genocide non-compromise dirty sounding death from early 90. The split is released in an unconventional way, as an unfold, thick cardboard with a printed cover and information included inside that. All graphic design was done by Krzysztof Gibas. 3,5′ CDR with a sticker on a whole surface of the record. Limited edition to 520 hand numbered copies.

Release date: 2004-12-04
Format: 3,5″ CDR
Edition: 520