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OLD .10. SOULLESS / PANDEMIC GENOCIDE / ARMINIUS “In Shadows Of The Damned We Reign”

Second pro CD in Old Temple catalogue! Three hordes high brutality death metal. Soulless (Poland, currently re-baptized into SOULLESS PROFANATION) 2nd times released by Old Temple. Attacks with fast, technical blasphemies in vein of satanic death metal, reminding the killer stuffs of mighty IMMOLATION. And now Pandemic Genocide (Poland) just like the 1st band is released for 2nd time by Old Temple. And once again they bring us satanic death metal sounding like from early 90! Heavy as a tank. The 3rd band (The Netherlands) pure, mad death metal, played in style of US scene- for fans of OLD(!!!)DEICIDE, MORBID ANGEL – lyrics about wars. So expect split 53 minutes death metal sturm! CD includes non-standard booklet which is made of three separated parts. CD is limited to 1000 hand numbered copies. All graphics made by Krzysztof Gibas.

Release OLD.10. Soulless / Pandemic Genocide / Arminus should have limitation to 1000 copies, unfortunatelly some part of CD’s was broken, so limit is 688 copies.

Release date: 2006-01-09
Format: CD
Edition: 688