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MORBOSIDAD albums reissue at Old Temple! Cooperation with Mexican War Black / Death Metal legend begins “Cójete A Dios Por El Culo” the second album. Almost 31 minutes of merciless old-school metal. The premiere at the end of April. The next reissues this legendary horde soon.

At the end of December, official Quo Vadis t-shirt will be released.

Re-edition premiere is postponed to 1.12.2020

Nothing Has Changed debut album conjures industrial music full of inhuman atmosphere, bass driven music and mechanical rhythms. It also shows you the truth that nothing literally has changed during past years. Society is still in ruins, psychological decay increases. All you can do is consume or be consumed.
For fans of : Godflesh, Pitchshifter, Slab!, Whalesong, Dead World


“Obelga” is a musical contrast between aggressive black metal, hit heavy metal and melodies inspired by classic playing from the 90s. Ingenuity and an intelligent combination of different musical genres have already become the domain of the band. The vocals lash out fiercely condemning the godliness of the people and church patriarchate and, at the same time, intoxicate to death with theatrical singing glorifying the power of death and eternal emptiness…