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Det Gamle Besatt-


Moloch Letalis-

Koncert we Wrzesni-(23.03.2018)
AQQ Pub (ul. Warszawska 27a)
start godz. 19.00
ticket 5 euro

Koncert w Warszawie- (24.03.2018)
Metal Cave (ul. J. Olbrachta 46), start godz. 19.00
ticket 5 euro

Koncert w Katowicach- (25.03.2018)
Klub Faust (ul, Złota 1), start godz.19.00
ticket 5 euro
Jako gość w Katowicach zagra zespół LĘK


There may be difficulties with logging in, placing orders, and receiving messages about orders from the Old Temple Shop. I apologize for the inconvenience caused by not my fault. A new store is just being created and a new version of store will run soon. I inform that new items will not add to that store version. In case of a problems, please contact me and place an order by mail:

Whalesong and Old Temple would like to announce new names of people remixing/deconstructing tracks from ‘Disorder’. Among them are MOAN, Shocker (Iperyt), Lukas Lunden and Dancing Deadlips. During last month a lot of artists contacted us, due to that it’s highly possible ‘Disorder Deconstructed’ will be expanded material. Album should be out in the beginning of 2018.
Below you can hear remix prepared by Sanford Parker (Corrections House, Twilight, Mirrors for Psychic Warfare, ex-Minsk)