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OLD .111. CIEŃ “Fate”

The second album is a musical and lyrical continuation of the glorification of nihilism and misanthropy. Six tracks of cold and gloomy black metal full of melancholic, depressive atmosphere. Sounds which are carving dark tunnels filled with words of disillusionment for the sense of mankind’s existence. No colours of life, no helpful hand reaching out, no love for the others, no suicide to be withheld. “Fate” does not give any hope presenting fatal destiny of us all – noble Death. The album available on a golden CD, all copies hand numbered. Material production took place in Studio Czyściec under the watchful eye of Nihil. Bart Kurzok Illustrations and NathanArt – Fotografia are responsible for graphic design. Additional electronics were done by Ashgan.

Release date: 11.12.2017
Format: gold CD
Edition: without limit