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Unique deconstruction album. Double CD with remixes of songs from well-acclaimed Whalesong debut album. ‘Disorder Deconstructed’ gathers more than 2 hours of dark and experimental sounds from such artists: Sanford Parker (Corrections House, Mirrors for Psychic Warfare, ex-Minsk), Submerged (The Blood of Heroes, Have Demons), Luke Lund (Have Demons, Ropes of Maui), Miro Snejdr (Herr Lounge Corps, Death in June) and TROUM. Furthermore, a lot of artists from Poland decided to deconstruct Whalesong tracks: Mussorgski, MOAN, Shocker (Iperyt), Horologium, Synapsis, Lugola, Dancing Deadlips and Grave of Love. Finally also band itself decided to prepare some new mixes of their songs.

Blasphemy (CAN), Nifelheim (SWE), Satan (UK), Nocturnal (D), Plaga (PL), Witchmaster (PL), Attic (D), Anima Damnata (PL), Throneum (PL), Goath (D), Terrorhammer (SRB), Hellfire Deathcult (USA), Evil Warriors (D), Blackevil (D), Embrional (PL), Offence (PL), Brudny Skurwiel (PL), Roadhog (PL),, Devilpriest (PL), Gallower (PL).

Gród Rycerski w Byczynie (46-220 Biskupice 58)

8 – 9 czerwca 2018


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