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Almost 3 years after the release of “Black Vortex”, UR is returning with a new mini album “Obelga”, which begins a completely new chapter in the band’s existence! The album has been recorded at Left Hand Sounds studio and will be released in autumn 2020 by Old Temple.

Next act of cooperation between Old Temple and THRONEUM is the European edition of “Organic Death Temple MMXVI” album. Originally released on US Deathgasm Records in 2016. Album is released on a gold CD.

 At the end of August through Old Temple, the second MAGNANIMVS album “Impure Ways Beyond Shadows” will be officially released in Europe. The band has been wreaking destruction with their dark, old-school music for over a decade. Eight tracks of the merciless death metal will be released on the gold CD.

Through Old Temple in June will be released European edition of the ninth THRONEUMs album, originally released in the American by Hells Headbangers Records in 2018,. Spreading darkness for over two decades Polish horde on the “The Tight Deathrope Act Over Rubicon” surprised fans by recording nearly one-hour metal nightmare of classic metal sounds combined with psychedelic elements. Album released on a gold CD.

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