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Blasphemy (CAN), Nifelheim (SWE), Satan (UK), Nocturnal (D), Plaga (PL), Witchmaster (PL), Attic (D), Anima Damnata (PL), Throneum (PL), Goath (D), Terrorhammer (SRB), Hellfire Deathcult (USA), Evil Warriors (D), Blackevil (D), Embrional (PL), Offence (PL), Brudny Skurwiel (PL), Roadhog (PL),, Devilpriest (PL), Gallower (PL).

Gród Rycerski w Byczynie (46-220 Biskupice 58)

8 – 9 czerwca 2018


Whalesong finishes working on remix/deconstruction album entitled ‘Disorder Deconstructed’. Among the remixers are: Sanford Parker (Corrections House, Mirrors for Psychic Warfare, ex-Minsk), Submerged (The Blood of Heroes, Have Demons), Miro Snejdr (Herr Lounge Corps, Death in June), Shocker (Iperyt), MOAN, Horologium, Grave of Love, Mariusz Konieczny (Hellspawn, HGS Audio), Luke Lund and many others. The album will be released on 2CD by Old Temple and will gather 130 minutes of industrial, metal, ambient, noise, drum’n’bass and even techno. The tracklist of ‘Disorder Deconstructed’:

Degradation (Sanford Parker Remix)
Ruins (Herr Lounge Corps Remix)
Juggernaut (Submerged Remix)
Degradation (Luke Lund Dissolution)
Broken Instinct (Dub)
Slave (Synapsis Remix)
Para-Sites (TROUM Remix)
Juggernaut (Horologium Remix)
Disorder II
Dearth (Dancing Deadlips Remix)

Broken Instinct (HGS Audio Remix)
Ruins (Shocker Remix)
Degradation (Mussorgski Remix)
Juggernaut (Immersed by MOAN)
Dearth (Lugola Remix)
Disorder (Grave of Love Remix)
Parasites (Harsh Noise Movement Remix)
Parasites (Mechanized Version)
Disorder (Brandkommando Remix)
Slave (I,Eternal Remix)

‘Disorder Deconstructed’ is set to release in March 2018. Also in second week of February 2018 ‘Disorder’ will be released on tape on Abusive Noise Tapes (black edition limited to 50 copies).

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