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Re-edition premiere is postponed to 1.12.2020

Nothing Has Changed debut album conjures industrial music full of inhuman atmosphere, bass driven music and mechanical rhythms. It also shows you the truth that nothing literally has changed during past years. Society is still in ruins, psychological decay increases. All you can do is consume or be consumed.
For fans of : Godflesh, Pitchshifter, Slab!, Whalesong, Dead World


“Obelga” is a musical contrast between aggressive black metal, hit heavy metal and melodies inspired by classic playing from the 90s. Ingenuity and an intelligent combination of different musical genres have already become the domain of the band. The vocals lash out fiercely condemning the godliness of the people and church patriarchate and, at the same time, intoxicate to death with theatrical singing glorifying the power of death and eternal emptiness…


Brazilian wild troopers together with Polish terrorists, creating a merciless underground metal. A war machine leaving no prisoners. 26 minutes of devilish fucking metal! The bands songs are support by legends such as Kreator, Entombed, Impaled Nazarene and Skid Row covers. This mixture itself opens up the bottles and the head just starts headbanging! Listen and die!


Old Temple returns to metals roots and with undisguised pride presents next re-release. A material that is one of the most important release of the Polish underground. The first Quo Vadis album will be released on one CD in two language versions with lyrics in Polish and English. Texts in the booklet will be enriched with archival bands photos. Especially for this release, the cover was copied from the painting that was created for “Quo Vadis”. Planned premiere in mid-November. A must have for all fans of old Death / Thrash Metal.

With unconcealed pleasure we wish to announce that after 6 years EMPHERIS was rejoined by Wit. Not only does it mean that we’re pretty much back on track with preps for our 4th full length album “Black Constellations”, but also if situation allows, some full line-up liveshows light the beacons at the event horizon. We’d like also to say big “Thank You” to Tom for heart and passion for the music and the team through all these years! Keep the flame burning Man!
This is “The Day We’ve Opened the Doorway”…
fot. by Małgorzata

Legendary label Nuclear War Now! Productions will release both Dark Opera materials on vinyl. Official information below.

Dark Opera “The Day of Pariah” LP ANTI-GOTH 535

Dark Opera “Calling the Legend” LP ANTI-GOTH 536

Dark Opera was an obscure Polish black death metal in the style of Samael, Taranis, Pandemonium and Alastis. “The Day of Pariah” Demo from 1992 was originally released by the band and later on Carnage Records on tape format only. “Calling the Legend” Full-length album from 1994 was originally released on pro tape by Baron Records from Poland. This is the first time that any Dark Opera material will be pressed on vinyl. A CD discography is out now on Old Temple Records from Poland, and will be distributed soon by NWN.