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Recording process of our new album called “Fate” started today in Czyściec studio. The new LP will be released by Old Temple label and is due on November 1st.  over art and setlist will be revealed soon…

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Moloch Letalis / Death’s Cold Wind “The Devil’s Whisper – Apeiron” is a two hordes split, devoting to old-school metal essence where fire of the past was spell. This is a split containing the uncompromising nature of wild and distant Ecuadorian lands and Polish Hell barbarism. Moloch Letalis tirelessly walking on filthy underground paths for almost fifteen years give us a flogging by five premiere and merciless dead / black / thrash metal tracks. Death’s Cold Wind is a deadly machine forged devil metal for more than fifteen years, characterized by devotion and determination, and the well-received album “Subyugador-In Goat We Trust” confirms the rule that real metal is being cast in hell fire. Blasphemy, Hell and Death !!!


Industrial metal act Whalesong has signed contract with Old Temple to release their debut full length album entitled ‘Disorder’. The premiere is scheduled for summer. ‘Disorder’ is pure oldschool industrial – repetitive, crushing and dissonant, yet still very experimental and mixes everything what is best in sound of such bands like Neurosis, Swans, Godflesh, Scorn and Sunn O))).

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“Defenders Of The Black Throne” this the provisory title of second album, 12 kick straight in the face! The material has been once again recorded in the moldy cellar completely secluded from the outside world. Somluck Sapeanthong is the man behind the graphic side of releases. According to the plans, the album should be available bey the end of the year. In The meanwhile, just come and get smashed by the energy of HateThem All live gigs. We are going to play in Warsaw, on September 30th, at the first edition of “God be gone Now”


Polish black metal veterans part ways with bassist, Tomasz “Reyash” Rejek.

We had a conversation last week and we both agreed, that there are differences between us that prevented us from working together. We have created some good albums and played a lot of tours, but now it’s time for everyone to go their own way. I wish him all the best in his career – comments Cezar, leader and founder of Christ Agony.

“Reyash” performed at Christ Agony twice, first between 2000-2003 and then from 2007 to 2017. He recorded with the band two albums “Condemnation” (2008) and Nocturn (2011).